We are one of the pioneering indigenous firms of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators to be established in Nigeria NOT affiliated to any firm of auditors or lawyers, that is it is not an appendage of any other firm, solely dedicated to providing excellent, innovative, high-quality Secretarial and Administrative Services at all times and committed to the overall growth of its clients and prospective clients.

Our Services

  1. Convening meetings and developing the minutes, advising the meetings on compliance with applicable rules and regulations, Issuing notices, arranging, conducting and attending meetings (Board, General, Committee etc)/writing the minutes of meetings.
  2.  Advising directors and shareholders on various matters that may arise at such meetings or after such meetings, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 and any other laws that may affect companies.
  3. Liaising between the Company and the Corporate Affairs Commission and other relevant government agencies. Read more
  1. Incorporation of Limited Companies Public Companies and Companies Limited by Guarantee.
  2. Incorporation of offshore Companies.
  3. Registration of Incorporated Trustees (Churches, Clubs, Association, etc).
  4. Registration of Business Names/Enterprises, Ventures, etc.
  5. Filing of petition before the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  6. Acting as authorized representative to clients, before the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  7. Arranging for drafting/stamping of Memorandum and Articles of Association and other documents/further registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  8. Drafting of various forms of Agreements conveyances, etc, relating to projects and ventures. Joint venture Agreements, Feasibility Report, Viability Reports, Project Report, Business Plans Share Valuation.
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  1. Corporate player for the development of best practice on Corporate Governance.
  2. Ensuring institutionalization of corporate structure, ethics, values and internal control measures.
  3. Corporate Governance Audit/management audit disclosure and transparency rules review and monitoring for best practice.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy formulation.
  5. Sustainability planning.
  6. Administration of Good Corporate Governance.

We have in our kitty, teams of highly trained tax professionals that work with our clients on planning,administration, accounting and controls, compliance and reporting and negotiating with tax authorities – mitigating risk and enhancing opportunity, in Nigeria. We provide business tax compliance, due diligence tax, indirect taxes, tax advisory services covering human capital matters. We strive daily to help our clients manage their tax obligations responsibly and proactively.

Our Financial and Business Advisory team looks after the risk advisory, performance improvement and financial advisory. We understand that to achieve your organization’s vision of maximizing stakeholders’ value you require services that respond to your specific issues, so we bring our broad sector experience and deep subject matter knowledge to bear in a proactive and objective way. Our risk advisory and performance improvement service is directly connected to the recognition and effective management of risk while the financial advisory assist clients to invest, raise and optimize funds in an efficient manner throughout their business life cycle.

Our team of experts examine and assess bad facilities and work out its recovery strategies. This will be achieved by outlining the causes of bad facilities and what can be done to ensure full recovery within reasonable time in and economic and efficient manner. Our approach is tailored towards cost benefit analysis without jeopardizing management interest and business value.

Our team of experts manage, control, operate and maintain Receivers  Estates, to use income, earnings, rents and profits of the Receiver Estate or other chattels to discharge the outstanding obligation, with full power to sue for, collect, recover, receive and take into possession all goods, chattels, rights, credits, monies, effects, lands, books and records of accounts.

This provides a full range of services to support our clients’ business operations and helps to resolve business problems arising from the intricacies of the Nigerian commercial and regulatory business environment.

  1. New investment and starting business in Nigeria
  2. General regulatory compliance services
  3. Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)Registration of shares of Companies with foreign interest/participation.

Manpower planning and development. We support organizations by providing them with good human resource management solutions in the following ways.